Azure Hybrid Use Benefit – Staying Compliant

Update 08/30/2019 – see also

Hopefully by now you are familiar with the Azure Hybrid [Use] Benefit ( which allows you to save ~45% off the list price for Windows VMs, SQL VMs, and Azure SQL in Azure.  For those organizations with an Enterprise Agreement that includes Software Assurance this is an easy way save in Azure.

Microsoft doesn’t talk as much about staying compliant – i.e. not using more licenses than your agreement provides.

As the customer, it is your responsibility to stay in legal compliance with your license agreement.  While we don’t have a single tool to facilitate this “true up” (after all, the licenses span Azure and your other environments), we do have a high-level process and clear ways to track AHUB usage.

1.  Check in Azure to see how many AHUB cores are deployed per

2.  Using your own tools, scan your other environments (on-premises and other clouds) to determine how many licenses are consumed outside Azure

3.  Review your agreement and see how many licenses you have paid for

Then simply do the math.

Licenses Paid – licenses used = Licenses remaining

If you used more licenses that you have paid for, you must purchase more licenses or turn off the Hybrid Use Benefit on servers that are in excess of your agreement (see for instructions).

This is something that will be discussed at enterprise enrollment renewal – but ultimately it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to stay in compliance at all times.